Playing Games With PowerPC

Over at the O’Reilly Developer Weblogs, Chris Adamson puts a pretty big dent in a popular notion surrounding the Mac/Intel deal.

It’s been said that the recent adoption of PowerPC CPUs by some major gaming console manufacturers is a promising sign for the future of the architecture. After all, big-name companies selling lots of big-name toys based on PowerPC means good things down the road, right? Not necessarily. Particularly when comparing what’s good for a gaming system and what’s good for a personal computer.

Adams points out that none of this implies any real boon to the PowerPC development “roadmap”. Why? Game consoles are fixed systems. During the life of a model there’s no (or little) upgrading of the internal components. That includes the CPU that powers it.

And what looks like stability in a gaming console smells an awful lot like stagnation in a PC.