Nonplus Ultra Automator

It might seem like odd timing for MacDevCenter to be posting a general overview of Automator now, but after taking a look around the web that seems indicative of the general state of the helpful little robot. This comes just after MacSlash posed the question, “Is Automator Languishing?”

Languishing? Well, that might be a tad harsh, but Automator definitely falls well short of the drag-and-drop nirvana many of us had hoped for. So maybe the level of interest isn’t quite what it could be. The concept of a workflow-style app is definitely the key piece that’s been missing from AppleScript all this time. It should help it live up to its mandate–an easy to use English-like scripting language to help non-programmers get stuff done on their Macs. It’s just a lot of us are feeling like waiting for the next version is the thing to do.

Automator seems like it needs some time to grow up a bit. It’s off to a solid start. Hopefully, if it eat its vegetables and studies real hard in school it could grow up to be a strong, healthy app someday. Throwing in a slick GUI way of doing some conditional logic and recursion would be a great step in the right direction. That, and a couple hundred more Actions.