Falling Off the Soapbox

The other day at the office I was skimming through an article by one of our staff tech writers about Soapbox, Microsoft’s social video site, so I decided to check it out. Turns out it’s a fairly modest affair with an extreme air of “me too” about it. Okay, no big deal. Time to close that browser tab and get back to work. But…

You’re joking, right?

Any attempt to hit refresh, type in a new URL, or use the browser’s back button in Safari summons forth this little nugget of pure JavaScript evil. (You won’t see this at all in Mac Firefox because, well, the site simply doesn’t load in that joint.)

Let me say this loud and clear: Never, ever do this. Ever.

I seriously had to go back to the article and check that this was indeed a “new” site, because for a second there you could have easily fooled me into thinking we were partying like it’s 1999.

Scan down the site a little farther and you’ll find this other precious bit of “Was it good for you?” neediness.

Sorry Soapbox, but I’ve had better.