The Envelope Please

I love the work that Oddica is doing. Besides having what is quite possibly the finest moniker in the arty t-shirt biz they’ve built up a nice collection of truly beautiful prints in fairly short order. Despite that I hadn’t gotten off my duff and placed an order until this gem popped up last week (spotted thanks to a link on John Gruber’s indispensable Daring Fireball). That’s just way too much wit on one piece of cloth for me to pass up.

</span> I was delighted when my goodies showed up in the mail today, but even more delighted to find them wrapped in one damn fine package. Seriously, take a look at that thumbnail. No cheapy paper-and-scotch-tape business here. This a heat-sealed mylar envelope with full bleed printing and satin finish. The featured designs are two of Oddica’s signature pieces: Simon Noynay’s Bluebird Migraine on one side and Kenneth Lavallee’s Sheltered on the other. There were a host of gratis ancillaries inside with the shirt, including a button of the design I ordered and several postcards of other Oddica offerings, suitable for mailing or decorating.

Someone really took a moment to consider how this should look and feel.

Building What Now?

We hear a lot these days about “building user experiences”, whether it be retail products or websites, yet it’s still the exception that someone actually does it. That frustrates the bejesus out of me. I always took it as part and parcel of what folks call “doing a good job”. To me it’s implicit. The job isn’t done until all the details are taken care of. All of them. And building a user experience means having an eye for details.

Designers have long nodded their heads at the mantra, “God is in the details.” Yet here I am taking the time to write about about a piece of stationery. All because someone got it right. Guess we’ve got a ways to go.

Oh, and the shirt is pretty sweet too.