The Subterraneans

The Wise Old Owl in the grass

That title is as much a reference to the topics of discussion as a self-deprecating jab at my recent absence from the site. (Yes, more “oh-geez-I’ve-just-been-too-busy-to-blog” blogging, but so it goes. Seriously though, my reasons this go ‘round are unimpeachable–and undeniably adorable.) What follows is a scattershot slice of life as I know it right now…


These past few weeks we’ve been cranking through the third and final major phase of the site overhaul: the subsections. Major section homepages (referred to internally as “channels” in our quirky parlance) are being steadily converted at the rate of about two a week, which–especially when stacked against other ongoing projects–is an impressive clip. Hat’s off to entire the BW crew that’s been lining these puppies up and knocking them down with aplomb.

I’ll probably go more in depth about the design of these pages at a later date, but for now I’ll sum it up by saying if our new homepage and story page designs had a love child, the channel index design would be it. And it’s a smart, sexy one at that. Take a peak for yourself when you have a moment.

Not Com

There’s been another recent site change that the eagle-eyed among you may have already spotted—we’ve officially dropped the “.com” from our logo.

I was thrilled to finally roll this update out, making clear to our readers what we’ve known internally for a long time: When it comes to our brand, we’re all just one BusinessWeek now. For clarity we’ll be referring to the web operations in writing as, but the logo is the logo is the logo now. Amen.

Proper Care & Feeding

In amongst all this hubbub the design crew actually managed to sneak away from their desks en masse two weeks ago for an honest-to-goodness field trip. Destination? The Design Life Now exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. It’s a great show in a superb space, and I highly recommend it. Check out the photos for a peak at all the fun.

In it’s way, this pleases me more than any of the other aforementioned BusinessWeek news. With all the frenetic activity focused on developing the site into a twenty-first century news outlet it can be all too easy to simply overlook cultivating the creative talent we have working for us. We’re extremely conscious of the risk and do everything we can to avoid falling into that trap. It sounds hokey, but I really do believe in the talent of our staffers and want to make sure they have everything they need to succeed–even when that means simply taking time out to decompress and just plain have fun. The creative mind has an appetite, and we need to make damn sure we’re feeding it.

Take the Survey, Save the World

survey badge All of which makes for a nice segue into telling any web designers reading this blog that they should run, not walk, over to the first annual A List Apart Design Survey. Zeldman & Company have done it again, spotting an unaddressed need and proving just how reliably prescient they can be. As a department manager at a major news website I can’t understate just how sorely needed this was. This is information about our community that simply doesn’t exist anywhere yet.

So get on over there and help answer the question that’s plagued us since the first web designer climbed out of the primordial ooze and croaked the words, “Just who the hell are we anyway?”