Time Out of Mind

This entry started out life as a sorry little mea culpa for the recent spate of sporadic posts. The not being in the swing of the writing thing. The fits and starts. The yadda yadda yadda. But apology by way of navel gazing just wasn’t cutting it.

“Well? Where the heck have you been?”

Patience, Grasshopper. All things in the fullness of time.

At any rate, I’ve been doing my exercises, rebuilding the muscle memory in the vital blogging organs and instilling myself with the discipline to routinely put fingers to keyboard. Blog early, blog often.

Say It Well

The needed jolt to get me off my writing duff came from, of all places, The Writer’s Almanac. September 10 was Stephen Jay Gould’s birthday, and the morning broadcast quoted the celebrity scientist’s take on writing:

So many scientists think that once they figure it out, that’s all they have to do, and writing it up is just a chore. I never saw it that way; part of the art of any kind of total scholarship is to say it well.

Literally stopped me dead in my tracks. It isn’t done until you’re able to put words to it. It isn’t done until you can pass the knowledge on.