Open for Business

Stuntbox, my sometimes hobbyhorse, is now Stuntbox, LLC. I am officially in the design consulting business.

It started about two years ago, as a faint but undeniable itch, somewhere in the far back of my mind. “You have to do this,” it kept telling me. I kept putting it aside. Halfway through a stint running the interactive design department of one of the most (insert standard PR department superlative here) business publications in the world, it’s easy to distract yourself with the minutiae of daily humdrum, ignoring what better instincts are shouting. “Yeah, yeah,” I thought, “Someday. I know. I really should. I know! Now let me jam out this memo before the 2pm shows up.”

Fortunately for me, I caught a lucky break. I got laid off.

Yeah, I know what you might be thinking. Cognitive dissonance, lemons, lemonade, and some such blah blah. But in my case, believe me when I say the only genuine adversity was holding back the goofball grin during that most special of HR sessions. I’d known for a long time what the next step should be for me, personally and professionally. And I was being handed a corporate subsidy to get busy doing exactly that. The certain and unshakable notion that found purchase in my brain all those months before was being tossed the keys to the family hot rod, no questions asked, no curfew. So let’s get going, shall we?

For now, I’ll be sticking to what I do best, design and creative direction for the Web, with a bit of client-side code thrown in to keep things zesty. Have a need for something like that? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. We might be the perfect fit for each other.