Let’s Build a Better Way

</span> Today I’m very happy to announce that I’m joining Readability as their new product lead. I’ll be helping shape strategy and vision for the Readability platform and tools, and working with a truly awesome team.

These are gloriously fun (and occasionally frustrating) times for publishing and content. There’s much the established players have gotten wrong and so much more that we, the tech types, have yet to get right. Genuinely new thinking—the kind that actually helps great content flourish, profitably—is in order.

The future of publishing is waiting to be made. Right here, right now, in the weird, fluid space between the dissolution of old models and the unfinished formation of new, tech-driven realities. I’ve spent a lot of time untangling these knots for clients, and it’s my desire to help push the conversation and the tools as far forward as we possibly can. I’m thrilled to be joining up with the talented folks at Readability to make that happen. Now, onward!