Recommended Web Geek Reading: ABA’s “Practical SVG”

I just finished Chris Coyier’s Practical SVG, the latest installment in the A Book Apart series, and definitely recommend it if you’re a web designer or developer.

Val Head’s intro pretty much nails it: The more you think you know about SVG, the more you realize there is to discover. An increasingly important and ubiquitous piece of the modern responsive web, SVG is one those seemingly simple technologies that quickly reveals layers of useful—and occasionally maddening—features the more you work with it.

Screenshot of file being edited in Sketch macOS app
The SVG sprite set hand-prepped in Sketch, yet another testament to my OCD.

Chris takes a lot of information you might have encountered here and there across various tutorials and distills it into one concise, accessible volume. The result is a lightweight reference of the essential material everyone working with SVG should know. (The clear descriptions of <symbol> and <use> are worth the price alone, and something I’ve already put into use on this site).