Photo Pile 27,790 at last glance. That’s the number of pictures I have sitting in my Lightroom queue. And that’s after the obligatory show-no-mercy culling. In short, I am a wee tad of a shutterbug.

If you’ve met me, there’s a better than even chance I had a camera strapped to my person or was busy shoving a lens in your face. (It’s a little known bit of history that there was a chapter edited out of How to Win Friends & Influence People called “Use a Gigantic Camera to Make Others Feel Awkward Because They Honestly Love That”.)

Building roof with city skyline in background

Photography for me is one of those things intimately entwined with the daily creative work I do, while still being able to stand apart as an honest hobby (ie, something done for sheer personal fulfillment—quite often obsessively—without concern for monetary compensation.)

As people of the creative sort, we need these activities in our lives. The ones that help refresh our personal wellsprings without the pressure of professional obligation, if we so choose. Some designfolk I know paint on the side. Others write sonnets. I take pictures. Lots of pictures.

View looking down at side of apartment building with fire escape
View looking down at busy city street filled with cars

So I’ve flipped a few switches on the site and will be posting selections from the ever-growing pile now and again. I’ll be setting some loose ground rules for myself about frequency and topic (because every creative venture needs a touch of structure) but this will remain largely an experiment. Now on with the snapping.