From Design to Meta-design This link’s been around for awhile, but new to me. Interesting post on the changing nature of the professional design practice. There are some points we’ve heard before about building dynamic systems instead of single, static artifacts, but starting from a broader point of view.

Design products are becoming increasingly dynamic, which makes it difficult to sustain a design process based on static prototypes. Design is how it works and sketching in code is the only natural way to prototype a dynamic system. […] One important aspect of modern design products is their increasing demand for temporal logic.

Point taken, though I do feel inclined to pull a “Well, actually…” on that bit about code being the “only natural way” to outline a dynamic system. It’s often the closest thing to final output in our current environment, yes. But there’s still plenty of useful, necessary space for legit, inexpensive prototyping GUIs.