Go Indy

Back in October I gave a talk about digital publishing at re:build 2012 in Indianapolis. It was a great conference experience, and my hat goes off to organizers Justin and Tony for going out of their way to make the audience and us speakers feel right at home. (Snack room! Pulled pork grilled cheese sandwiches! Seriously.) There were a lot of great questions from the audience—Q&A starts around 22 minutes into the video—and plenty of good conversation after the session.

Their team recently posted the full video of my talk. I used my time on stage to provide a quick survey of the publishing landscape, dive into some nagging issues I see with print versus digital artifacts, and give a little glimpse into some paths forward for the industry. Check it out when you have a moment. If you’re interested in the topic, I’ve got a new column out today on A List Apart that covers the artifact issues from the talk a bit more.