Mac IE: The End Has Come Tomorrow Internet Explorer for Mac shuffles off this mortal coil. Go download your piece of history while you still can. (You just know someone’s going to ask you to test against it two years from now…)

Oh, Mac IE. You gave us such hope. You showed such promise. But like your Windows cousin, you languished for years as the competition raced past you, like some burned-out former child prodigy that never lived up to the promise of his formative years. Never growing out of those strange ticks and quirks that we all hoped you would.

On the bright side, now when you roll your eyes at someone and quip, Oh God, don’t use that browser, you have a succinct rationale that doesn’t involve all the muss and fuss of dragging out your well-worn Web Standards soapbox. Uhhh, like, they discontinued it, dude. Even the people who made it say you should use something else now.

Good night, sweet prince, and flights of Box Model Hacks sing thee to thy rest…