My Piece of Apart

If I’ve timed this right my article, “Stand & Deliver”, is now live on A List Apart. Take a moment and give it a once over, why don’t you?

This particular missive sprang out of a conversation I had awhile ago with Jeffrey Zeldman about preparing new designers for challenging presentations. Pragmatic exercises for ducking baseball bats and other realities of meetings sans kid gloves. Okay, so no fisticuffs—just the upshot of life among the hurried and harried. Naturally, I was flattered when he asked if I could jot down a few thoughts on the topic for ALA. The result is, I hope, a short collection of tips to steel you for the gauntlet.

While the article focuses on difficult meetings it’s important to note that the topics discussed (preparation, timing and research) are universally applicable. Regardless of experience or DEFCON level, the best practices you use to prepare for tough meetings are the same best practices you should be using to prepare for any meeting. Not just when you feel like your audience is getting ready to break out the pointy sticks and go all Lord of the Flies on you.