Stop SOPA To repurpose a line from our president: I’m not opposed to laws, I’m opposed to dumb laws. And the Stop Online Piracy Act is a dangerously dumb law. If you’re new to the issue, go to A List Apart and read Jeffrey Zeldman’s synopsis of the negative implications of this legislation, currently before the House Judiciary Committee.

Throughout its brief history, the Internet has been regularly assailed by the flailing efforts of entrenched interests to uninvent it, whether through bad law or onerous contracts. Those who cannot compete litigate, those who cannot adapt lobby. And SOPA is clearly their handiwork. It’s time we put a stop to it.

If you agree SOPA is a bad idea—and if you’re a user of the Web, I sincerely hope you do—head to the bottom of Jeffrey’s article (under the “Act now!” section) for a list of actions you can take to help stop this very bad idea from becoming law.


SOPA will be coming up for a vote in the House tomorrow, December 14, so if you oppose this legislation the time act is now. The team at Tumblr has put together a great site to connect you with your Representative and let your voice be heard.