The Uhh Uhh Song Here’s one for all you public speakers out there.

I found this gem gathering dust on an old FireWire drive, something from my days working the dials at an audio booth. Part of the standard post-production dance for voiceover gigs means editing out breath noises, tongue clicks, mystery pops and other sundry gymnastics of the human mouth. That includes the stretches where folks just sit there and go “Uhhhhh…”

So one day this fellow stepped into the booth to ad lib a spot for some pro bono work. Only thing was, he wasn’t a trained actor or even a regular public speaker. And it showed in spades. The cheek quotient must have been running pretty high at the office that day, because instead of deleting those bits from the master I cobbled them together into a solid half minute Wall of Uhh (replete with cheesy background music).

Luckily for me he had a great sense of humor about the whole thing, and was as resilient as I was silly.

So crank it up and let ’er, uhh, rip.