Ze by the Numbers Marked by lightning wit and seemingly endless screwball invention, The Show with Ze Frank was probably one of the best indie video podcasts of the last decade. Run as a one-year experiment, it quickly exploded as Ze demonstrated an uncommon knack for making the audience a part of cooking up all the fun. (Marketer-approved labels like “high user engagement” are unequal to the task. Half a decade later, audience covers of “Ray’s Song” still make regular shuffle appearances on my iPhone—and don’t even get me started with the earth sandwich references.)

So when Ze announced he was planning to bring the show back, many of us flocked to Kickstarter and funded it post haste. Now that the campaign has finished up, Ze has posted a thorough postmortem, including some thoughtful tips and insights for those looking to do likewise. Worth your time if you’ve ever been curious about what a successful crowd-funded project can look like.