24 Hour Visual People

“This request is coming in really late.”

“Yeah, I know. Can you gin something up?”

“Probably. Maybe something like the one we did last week. It would work well for this.”

“Which one is that?”

“The two-column layout. With the image running across the top of both columns. Something like that.”


“It would look like—got a pen? Thanks. Here… like that. You could drop the copy in right there.”



“I know it’s really late, but can you mock it up for me? I’m really more of a visual person.”

“You know that implies exactly the opposite of what you intended, right?”


“That means you can envision it without actually having to do it.”

Another pause.

“Like if I said I was a ‘plumbing person,’ I could conceive of how to set up a water heater without actually cutting pipes and sticking them together. But what you’re saying is you lack a visual imagination. Think about it.”

Someone is grinning now.

“Stop being a jerk.”