Tell ’Em, Z

Collage of Jeffrey Zeldman given a presentation
Jeffrey Zeldman, discussing Web Standards and spending some quality time in the recording studio.

Think of it as a soundtrack for Blue Beanie Day.

A few weeks back the inimitable Jeffrey Zeldman carved some time from his hyper-busy schedule to drop by the BusinessWeek offices and discuss Web Standards. And while he was in he was nice enough to sit down for a podcast interview with our very own Innovation of the Week series.

Far from simply being entertainment for Standardistas, the interview neatly encapsulates the arguments behind Web Standards in a lean, mean twenty minutes. Still can’t get that certain special executive in your life to spend some quality time perusing Designing with Web Standards? While the world waits for Hollywood to option the movie rights, they can give this a listen instead. All from the comfort of their countinghouse (maybe even using that iPod thing they’ve heard the kids talking so much about).

Think of it as one more arrow in your Standards advocacy quiver. A spoonful of audio sugar to help the medicine go down.