Hacking Design Language With Funsize and ProPublica

Last summer, the team at Funsize invited ProPublica down to Austin for a studio tradition they call Method Week.

During Method Weeks, Funsize pauses their regular projects and gathers the staff for team and skill-building activities. These could be anything from hosting a hackathon to bringing in a local chef to teach them about sustainable cooking.

For their ninth installment, they decided to donate their time and design talents to several nonprofits, including ProPublica. After a little pre-gaming, we decided to use the opportunity to experiment with new design system ideas for our newsroom. It’s something the team at ProPublica had been thinking about for awhile, and it was a fantastic way to bootstrap the process.

Front door of building with Funsize signage on it
Rob Weychert (left) and Anthony Armendariz working on laptops
Lindsay Rife (left) and Ethan Leon working on laptops
Lindsay Rife gesturing at a card sort exercise
A whiteboard with project notes
Rob Weychert gesturing at a TV displaying design mockups
A group presentation in the Funsize office

I’m grateful to the wonderful and generous folks at Funsize, especially Anthony, Natalie, Lindsey, Ethan, Patrick, and everyone else who pitched in on our project. They’ve posted a nice writeup from the event with more about all the design fun we got up to.