Photo of Chrysler Building with neon “Parking” sign in close foreground

Life, Relocated Yikes. Only 6 posts into the existence of this blog and I’m already writing the obligatory “why-I’ve-been-ignoring-my-blog-so-much” entry.

But I have a good reason, I swear.

A few short weeks ago I relocated my daily routine to New York City after taking a position at a leading business publication in Manhattan. Having spent most of my life in the more wooded expanses of upstate New York, the change is stupendous. I’m doing my best to be the biggest sponge possible, soaking up all that The Big City has to offer. In the time I’ve been down here there’s been a major protest on my block (which I slept though), a “minor” bombing, a landslide, and a hundred other comings and goings that seem like they could only be small news in this town.

Oh yeah, that pic is the view from the new 'hood. In the meantime, on with the show…