Look Ma! I’m on Steve’s Giant Screen!

Holy cow! Steve Jobs featured the BusinessWeek News Widget in his WWDC keynote today. It's an honor and a thrill to have some of my work included in a marquee event for the Apple community.

Steve Jobs demonstrating the BusinessWeek Dashboard widget at WWDC 2005.

The widget was originally the brainchild of coworker Niels Meersschaert, who did a masterful job of putting together the JavaScript backend and making it all hum. I was responsible for the presentation layer (UI design, graphics, CSS, etc).

The magic moment happens about 15 minutes into Jobs’ keynote, just after Amazon’s widget and right before CNN’s. (Sorry about that CNN. “It’s not as nice as looking as BusinessWeek’s, but it does the job…” Nothing like a little friendly rivalry, eh?)


The widget got featured on Apple’s homepage too!