We’re Not Shutting Up

I get a lot of questions about my gig. Of those, the third most frequently asked is about swag: Have we got any? (No, really. I keep track. We’ll save Numbers One and Two for another time.)

Well, we’ve finally got something to answer that question with, and it’s pretty great:

ProPublica t-shirt with “Not Shutting Up” slogan

The back story: Last week, a certain White House official was widely quoted saying the media should “keep its mouth shut.” My boss, editor-in-chief Steve Engelberg, told him (via the New York Times) the diplomatic equivalent of “NOPE.” I was away at a conference when I pulled out my laptop, saw all this, and thought, “Hey, I’ve got an idea…”

Several hours later, with the help of our crack social team, biz dev director Celeste LeCompte, and the fine folks at Cotton Bureau, we had ourselves a damn fine shirt. Roughly $10 from each sale goes towards funding ProPublica’s work, the rest lets Cotton Bureau cover their bills.

If you’re into it, go grab one (or several). And if you’re really into it, give us a shoutout or two on Facebook or Twitter and help spread the word, won’t you?